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Art & exploring deep fears and strong feelings – My son is not enamored much of painting, drawing, or clay. So, it’s through perler beads that he’s started to express himself and process things. . This piece he made has a story behind it. The darker beads are an infection in a body that is being fought off by the lighter beads, the white blood cells. The striped beads on the left are macrophages, special immune cells that consume harmful invaders. . I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my son was on antibiotics recently and has had a lot of dr visits, and he produced this. To me it seems like a healthy way to play out the idea that his body was fighting off an infection, which is definitely anxiety provoking. . I see a lot of beautiful pictures on IG of beautiful watercolors and very artfully arranged art experiences for kids. I just want to say that there’s room for kids to take things in a different direction. . Not everything our kids produce will be cute, brightly colored, or inspired by idyllic scenes. Kids get worried, angry, and sad, and Art is for that too. . When I look at this creation, I see a big patch of black in the middle that the white blood cells and macrophages haven’t reached. Maybe he’s worried the infection isn’t really gone or will come back. I can’t say I blame him. And seeing this helps me to understand how that feels, which is what art is supposed to do, right? . What’s your kid’s favorite way to express their big feelings? . #artforkids #perlerbeads #perlerbeadart #homeschoolart #abstractart #selfexpressionthroughart

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