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Hi, I'm Lisa and this is my son Jesse! We have been on this homeschool adventure for two years full time.

We are a secular, academically oriented family and borrow eclectically from many different styles and philosophies of homeschooling.

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About Inquiring Minds Homeschool

Welcome to Inquiring Minds Homeschool! Homeschooling isn’t what you may have heard. It’s a diverse set of practices and approaches that are infinitely adjustable and customizable for every…

Play: How Kids Learn

Play: Why Recess Isn’t Enough Free play is extremely important to child development – probably one of the main things that children never get enough of. I saw this…

Am I qualified to teach my child?

Am I qualified to be my kid’s teacher? Short answer: Yes. You’ve been teaching your kid from birth. But if you’re concerned or have questions, read on. How…

Are there secular homeschoolers?

Are there secular homeschoolers? Short answer: Yes! Also, hi! If you’re secular and interested in homeschooling, awesome! I’m Lisa, and I’m a secular homeschooler. There are more of us…
Homeschool Philosophy
Our family's beliefs about homeschooling and learning
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