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Hi, I'm Lisa and this is my son Jesse! We have been on this homeschool adventure for two years full time.

We are a secular, academically oriented family and borrow eclectically from many different styles and philosophies of homeschooling.

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homeschool routines 2

Homeschool Routines

How I learned to relax and love homeschool routines After 15 years teaching in structured classrooms, I knew the disadvantages of having a rigid schedule for both teacher…
using museums in your homeschool part 1

Using Museums in Your Homeschool

Homeschool How-To: Using Museums Museums are a valuable resource for homeschooling families. Whatever you’re studying, there’s a museum with resources that can help! In a new series of…
Homeschooling History Mesopotamia

Ancient History: Mesopotamia

Ancient History: Mesopotamia Study Are you teaching ancient history in your homeschool? We are wrapping up our unit on Mesopotamia, and I have some thoughts. I recorded the…
Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschoolers

Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschoolers

Holiday Gift Guide This is THAT time of year – when my apartment building’s package room becomes an Amazon warehouse, stuffed to the brim with gifts for the…
Homeschool Prehistory Study

Homeschool Prehistory Study

November is shaping up to be a busy month for us! We started our very first history study in our homeschool – prehistory! If you’d like some ideas…
grade levels homeschool 1

Should You Use Grade Levels In Your Homeschool?

Should you use grade levels in your homeschool? As homeschoolers, we have the freedom to establish the educational environment that will most benefit our children. We can select…
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