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Hi, I'm Lisa and this is my son Jesse! We have been on this homeschool adventure for two years full time.

We are a secular, academically oriented family and borrow eclectically from many different styles and philosophies of homeschooling.

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learning styles

Are Learning Styles Real?

What are Learning Styles? What are learning styles? And does your child have one? Think back to the last time you had to learn something new. Maybe you…
Essential Questions

Planning Curriculum: Essential Questions

Planning Curriculum: Essential Questions Are you teaching history or science in your homeschool? Then my new video about essential questions is for you. You’ll see several examples of…
SEA homeschoolers blog article

How to Plan Homeschool History + Free Chart

Are you thinking about how to approach homeschool history? Particularly if you are just starting out, it can seem like there are too many choices. Should you start…
pandia press microscope guest post

Microscope for Kids: Homeschool Recommendations

Are you thinking about buying a microscope for kids? Microscopes are amazing science tools that can greatly enhance your child’s learning experience. Wondering what to buy, which features…
pandia press homeschool style guest post

What’s my homeschool style?

Secular Homeschool Styles I recently wrote a guest post over at Pandia Press’s blog about homeschooling styles. I encourage you to go over there and read the entire…
How to Teach Reading

How to Teach Reading

How to Teach Reading Reading is one of the most important skills that a person can have. This post is all about what reading skills are important to…
Homeschool Philosophy
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