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Hi, I'm Lisa and this is my son Jesse! We have been on this homeschool adventure for two years full time.

We are a secular, academically oriented family and borrow eclectically from many different styles and philosophies of homeschooling.

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Homeschool Kindergarten

Homeschool Kindergarten: Our Approach

Homeschool Kindergarten: Plans for 2018-19 It’s an exciting time in our household as we leave preschool behind, shifting into the next phase of our homeschooling: homeschool kindergarten! A…
Summer Homeschool Milestones

Summer Homeschool Milestones

Summer homeschool updates! In my opinion, summer is a GREAT time to homeschool, for the following reasons: Everything we accomplish feels like a bonus because most people are…
Homeschool Preschool: Music

Homeschool Preschool: Music

Welcome back to our ongoing series on homeschooling for preschool! In this post, we’ll showcase some of the best tools and apps for exploring music with your preschooler.…
Math Manipulatives for Homeschool

Math Manipulatives for Homeschool

What are math manipulatives? Why use them? Math manipulatives are helpful tools for learning and practicing math! If you’ve ever counted on your fingers, you have used math…
Homeschool Preschool Reading

Homeschool Preschool Reading, Part 2

Homeschool Reading: The Preschool Years Should I be teaching reading in my homeschool preschool, you ask? And how? This is Part 2, which delves into my recommendations for the best…
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